Solar Programs

Solar Camp Program (High Rate)

Our Solar Camp program has a summer rate and a winter rate. With a customer’s approval we switch the location between the two on May 1 (high-season start) and September 30 (low-season start). The dates can be changed upon request.

The summer rate for each kWh produced or consumed has been up to 30¢/kWh. This program is only for consumers who are certain they produce more than what they use. The Solar Camp program enables customers to receive a premium when they export excess electricity back to the grid.

The winter rate for each kWh produced or consumed reverts back to the contracted fixed rate with us as customers will be consuming more than they are producing during this period.

For questions on our solar programs or to join the Solar Camp (High Rate) program please email

Standard Solar Program (Normal Rate)

Customers on the standard solar program get the same rate for production and consumption all year. The rate is based on the fixed electricity price that was secured at the time of sign up.