Floating Electricity Rate

Floating Electricity Rate

Researching electricity rates in Alberta? Save money by choosing our low floating rate instead of a fixed rate.

The floating electricity rate fluctuates each month. A floating rate can allow you to benefit from low market prices. This rate plan is ideal for consumers who are seeking out the best opportunity to save over the long run.

The electricity rates below are per kWh and include Regional Energy’s competitive transaction fee of only $0.01 per kWh on top of wholesale price.

Six-Month Average: 4.72¢/kWh

Electricity Rate Comparison Across Alberta

Electricity Rates Alberta

Floating rate above is an average and is shown for illustrative purposes. 


Commercial Fixed Electricity Rates For Alberta Businesses

Commercial Fixed Electricity Rates For Alberta Businesses

We provide highly competitive rates to businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a medical clinic, high-rise office, or restaurant we can work with you to lower your energy costs.

For corporate inquiries please email ryan@regionalenergy.ca.

In addition to the energy rate above you will have charges related to distribution, transmission, rate riders and other standard fees. These are regulated by the provincial government and do not change regardless of what retailer you choose.  The monthly administration fee is $9.95 per service and covers all the costs related to billing and local customer care. It also gives you access to our low rates.

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