Fixed Electricity Rates

Fixed Electricity Rates

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Researching electricity rates in Alberta? If you’re looking for savings and value consistency with your monthly utility bills then get peace of mind and an outstanding price with our low fixed rates.

We offer Alberta’s best alternative to the RRO (regulated rate option).


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5-Year Bundle Promotion


Applies when fixed electricity is bundled with our current fixed natural gas offer. No cancellation fee.

5-Year Special Promotion


No cancellation fee.

Floating Electricity Rate

Floating Electricity Rate

The floating electricity rate fluctuates each month. A floating rate allows you to benefit when market prices drop. Our floating rate is directly linked to the market prices published by AESO.

The Regional Energy floating rate is calculated as the wholesale market price plus 1¢ per kWh.

The variable rate is not currently recommended due to high market prices.


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In addition to the energy rates above you will have charges related to distribution, transmission, rate riders and other standard fees. These are regulated by the provincial government and do not change regardless of what retailer you choose.  The monthly administration fee is $9.95 per service and covers all the costs related to billing and local customer care. The fixed electricity rate has a retail fee of 59¢/day. The special discount rates of 9.99¢/kWh and 10.49¢/kWh apply to the first 1,000 kWh of consumption per month. The standard rate of 10.99¢/kWh applies to all consumption after that. The average house in Alberta uses 600 kWh per month. 

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