Fixed Natural Gas

Fixed Natural Gas

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Residential Customers Only

Willing to make a long-term commitment in exchange for a low fixed natural gas rate? We have the plan for you! Choose our fixed natural gas price to know exactly what rate you will be paying for the next five years.

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5-Year Fixed Natural Gas 


Customers are required to stay for the five-year term. An early-exit fee of $250 applies if the contract is ended before expiry. You can transfer the contract to another property in Alberta to avoid the early-exit fee. If you leave Alberta the early-exit fee does not apply.

Floating Natural Gas

Floating Natural Gas

Choosing a floating natural gas rate allows you to benefit when market prices are low. The floating natural gas rate fluctuates each month as the market price changes. 

The Regional Energy floating rate is calculated as the natural gas wholesale price plus $0.99/GJ. 

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In addition to the energy rate above you will have charges related to distribution, transmission, rate riders and other standard fees. These are regulated by the provincial government and do not change regardless of what retailer you choose. The monthly administration fee is $9.95 per service and covers all the costs related to billing and local customer care. The fixed natural gas plan has a contract fee of 59¢/day. Gas consumption up to 15 GJ per month is eligible for the special rate of $3.59/GJ. After 15 GJ there is an additional premium of $1.00/GJ. The average house in Alberta uses 120 GJ per year (10 GJ per month).