Alberta Natural Gas Prices

Researching different options for natural gas can be a very time-consuming process. Often consumers feel overwhelmed with the number of options available. Should I go fixed or variable? What about choosing the regulated rate provider? Are natural gas prices going to rise in the future? These are all questions that consumers often consider as they think through their various options. Thankfully, we are here to make that decision a little easier.

Learn About Natural Gas

Fixed Rates

Consumers who select a fixed natural gas rate will know their price per gigajoule (GJ) on each bill. Knowing the natural gas price in advance provides peace of mind and savings if the market prices go high. Our fixed natural gas prices are the lowest in the industry.

Regulated Rates and Alberta Energy

In each part of the province there is a designated provider for natural gas and they are called the regulated provider. Many people also refer to them as the default provider. It means that if you do not choose a provider for natural gas at your residence you will start getting billed by the default provider. The rates the default provider charges are often set by the government. Unfortunately, a large part of Alberta is serviced by a large multi-national corporation that has their head office in another country. We hear countless reports of poor customer service and of people having their gas shut off over small billing mistakes. Getting the natural gas service reinstated comes at the cost of the customer. Additionally, the default provider for natural gas rarely provides electricity, so consumers then have to choose another company for electricity.

Variable Rates

Variable rates (floating rates) are a common option for natural gas within Alberta. Regional Energy offers natural gas on a variable rate which means it is based on the monthly market price (which fluctuates). Since our rates are not dictated by the government we can set our rates as low as we wish. The natural gas prices that competitive rate retailers charge are based on the cost of gas plus the retailers margin.

At Regional Energy our margin is low, so this keeps our prices low. It’s also one of the reasons why we are growing so quickly. We base our cost of natural gas on the prices published by NGX (Natural Gas Exchange) to ensure consumers receive fair prices. Although there are other competitive rate retailers in the province Regional Energy offers a floating natural gas rate without cancellation fees along with low rates and local customer care. There aren’t many other natural gas companies that can make these same claims.

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