Which Edmonton Electricity Company?

There are more options than ever before when it comes to choosing an electricity company. The deregulated electricity market in Alberta means there are many companies competing for a customer’s business. 

A Common Choice for Electricity in Edmonton

Epcor is well known because they are the regulated rate (default) provider. If an individual has moved into a new residence but did not choose a specific retailer then Epcor will automatically take over the service. Although Epcor is the only option for water and waste services in the city there are other options when it comes to electricity.

One important thing to note about Epcor’s regulated electricity rate is that it is determined and approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). The AUC is affiliated with the government and it controls what prices can be charged by Epcor for electricity. Electricity on the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) can be higher than the actual market price of electricity. This is due to the fact that the regulated electricity rate for a given month was already determined in the prior month. For example, the rate in February was determined in January using an approved formula. The rate they decide to charge customers is their best estimate of what electricity should cost in the next month. However, their estimates are often inaccurate leading to customers paying more than they should.

Regional Energy

We are a local company within Alberta that provides electricity and natural gas throughout the province.

The majority of our customer base is located within the Edmonton area and word is spreading that we are a great option for energy services. Customers appreciate the fact that they can get low rates for both electricity and gas from a single provider. Our floating rate for electricity is based on market prices which are published by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO). This gives customer the assurance that we are always charging fair prices since the market data is publicly available. Our fixed electricity rate is the lowest rate available in Alberta and is the best choice.

Come see what other people in Edmonton are talking about and enjoy low electricity rates, no cancellation fees, and local customer care.

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