Which Calgary Electricity Company?

Whether you are looking to set up utilities in Calgary for the first time or are researching cheaper options, you've come to the right place.

With the numerous electricity companies in Alberta it can be difficult to determine which company is the best option. After reading the information below the decision-making process will become a little easier.

Regional Energy

Not only do we service Calgary with electricity and natural gas, but we are based in the city.

Our head office is downtown and our customer care centre is as well. We understand what Calgarians are looking for in their electricity companies and we’ve built our business around that. We have outstanding rates that have proven to lower the monthly electricity bills that customers receive. Our customers can cancel at any time and we have developed a hassle-free billing process that keeps things simple. Regional Energy offers the lowest fixed electricity rate in Alberta.


The default provider for electricity in Calgary is Enmax. If you move into a new home, but haven’t chosen a provider for your electricity then Enmax will automatically pick up the service. The Enmax regulated rate is not based on the market price of electricity. Instead, their regulated rate is set using an approved formula. This often translates into pricing that is higher than it should be since these prices are estimates of what is believed to be fair. Fixed rates with Enmax are higher than what is offered at Regional Energy.

Competitive Electricity Rate Retailers

Almost all retailers of electricity within Alberta can service Calgary. However, only a few of them are actually located within the city. Many other electricity companies have sent their customer care teams overseas which often causes frustrating interactions for customers. These other large companies also have higher costs that they need to cover. They pay for these additional costs by charging high rates for their electricity and other fees.

See how our rates compare with competitor rates.