Which Alberta Utility Provider Should You Choose?

Whether you have lived in Alberta your whole life or just recently arrived, shopping around for a utility provider can be a time consuming and exhausting experience. Let us help you navigate your options. 

Regional Energy - Low Rates, Local Customer Care

Our head office is located in Calgary along with our customer care centre. We are quickly establishing our brand in the market and have experienced rapid growth as a result of our rates and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a provider with low rates and local support then you have come to the right place.

Default Electricity Providers

The default utility provider is different in each city. For example, the default electricity provider is Epcor in Edmonton and Enmax in Calgary. This means that if you have not chosen a utility provider for your home then you will start getting bills from the default/regulated provider. As a default/regulated provider it means that their rates (which change monthly) are controlled by the government. For example, by the end of April they would already have the May rate determined. Their price is based on a forecast.

Competitive Energy Rate Retailers in Alberta

There are numerous utility providers across the province that can service locations within Alberta.  However, many of these companies have sent their customer care teams overseas, are head quartered in other countries, and lock customers into contracts with expensive cancellation fees. These large corporations also have higher overhead costs that they fund through high-priced energy services. 

Regional Energy is not only your local choice, but one who has demonstrated its commitment to our beloved province. 

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