Need Help Finding the Right Alberta Energy Company?

The number of energy providers that Albertan consumers can choose from has drastically increased over the last 15 years. Many companies have established themselves as household names, but these well-known companies aren’t necessarily the best choice.

Top Factors to Consider When Choosing an Energy Company in Alberta

Customer Service

One aspect that is often overlooked when choosing an energy company is the quality of customer service that is provided. We hear from customers that their satisfaction with customer service is determined by timeliness of responses, ease of getting hold of the company, friendliness of staff, and how easy it is to understand the communication.

Regional Energy provides support to customers over both phone and email. Email makes it easy for customers to contact us with simple questions and prevents the need to make a call. We aim to reply within the same business day and are easy to reach during regular business hours. We pride ourselves on having friendly staff that are always happy to assist. Lastly, our customer care team is located locally, so language barriers are rarely a concern. Customers of other companies often report issues when discussing matters with customer care teams that are located in other countries.


This one is the most obvious of the three factors. What a lot of customers value most is the price of the energy they are consuming. Customers want to know that they are getting low prices for the electricity and gas they use. However, some companies do not even state, on the bills, the rates they are charging customers. At Regional Energy we not only charge low rates, but we show the rates on every bill. 

We demonstrate excellence in the areas above. View our rates to see how we compare with the competition