How to Pick the Best Alberta Electricity Company

A lot of Albertans haven’t taken the time to review their bills to determine if they are getting fair electricity rates. In fact, many people don’t really think it will make difference if they were to switch to a different electricity company. Despite this common belief there can actually be quite a significant difference between companies and their rates.

Although switching to a different electricity company may help lower the cost of the energy charge, the distribution and transmission fees will remain the same. However, that shouldn’t deter someone from still investigating their options because the savings can certainly add up.

For example, the average home in Alberta uses approximately 7,200 kWh of electricity per year. This means that for every one cent difference in the rate per kWh it equals $72.00 per year in additional charges. However, many of the larger companies are charging rates that are 5-6 cents per kWh higher than our rate. This means that those customers are losing out on $360 to $432 per year (or even more). Over the course of five years this could mean an additional electricity expense of $2,000+ if a customer isn’t careful about who they choose.

So, which electricity company in Alberta is the best choice?

We believe that Regional Energy is in the best position to provide great electricity rates that will help keep electricity bills low. We have the lowest fixed electricity rate in Alberta, but we are still able to thrive because of our unique, low-cost business model.

See how our rates compare with what the larger companies are charging.