Choosing an Alberta Natural Gas Company

The deregulation of Alberta's natural gas market in 1985 opened the doors for consumers to choose which provider they wanted.

This freedom of choice regarding provider also means that the government no longer controls the prices that consumers are charged if they opt for a competitive rate retailer (such as Regional Energy).  Giving consumers a choice and opening up the market to greater competition means that companies need to compete to become a customer’s natural gas provider. Greater competition puts pressure on price and this benefits the end consumer. 

Natural Gas Prices in Alberta

Our fixed natural gas rate is the lowest in Alberta and provides significant savings and peace of mind. Our floating rate is based on prices established by the Natural Gas Exchange (NGX), a marketplace place for buyers and sellers of natural gas. Prices published by the NGX are publicly available, so it easy for customers to watch the market and stay informed on current price trends. 
At Regional Energy we earn the loyalty of our natural gas customers by providing low rates and outstanding customer service. We aim to give our customers a hassle-free experience.
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