Affordable, Simple, Honest. 

Affordable, Simple, Honest. 

Regional Energy Inc. is one of the best utility companies in Alberta because we know what customers want and that’s exactly what we’re giving them.

We are a local company based entirely in Calgary, Alberta although we are pleased to serve customers throughout the province. 


We acknowledge that you work hard for your money, so it’s our goal to provide the lowest possible rates so you can minimize your bills and enjoy more of what you earned. Our unique business model allows us to lower costs, work more efficiently, and ultimately pass those savings on to customers.    


Our goal was to make the customer experience as effortless as possible. We understand that people are busy and have more important things to do than go through bills and figure out what is due when. That’s why we developed a simple email invoicing process and pre-authorized debit payment method. Let us take one thing off your to-do list each month. All invoices are conveniently available on your online account. If you have questions you can always reach our local customer service team who would be happy to assist. 


We don’t use high pressure sales tactics. We don’t hide extra costs in the fine print. We don’t ask you to sign a contract that you may end up regretting. Knowing our customers could leave whenever they choose motivates us to continue offering outstanding customer service and low rates. We need to earn your loyalty every month. 


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